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2012 Radiant Arc

Project Description

Designed for the University of Alaska Museum of the North and the 2014 Arctic Winter Games, Radiant Arc is an interactive environmental art installation designed to clone ancient ice-core samples taken from North American glaciers rapidly disappearing due to global climate change. Like freeze frames captured from an ancient time-lapse movie, Radiant Arc's, large, brilliantly colored ice crystals form a massive 360' long luminous arc along the museum's exterior facade, creating a kind of poetic time machine constructed entirely of fragile moments from Earth's prehistoric past.


Video Description

Video detail of cloned ice crystal. Core sample used for doping was from the NEEM (North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling Site). The location of the ice core sample was 77°27'N 51°3.6'W, and taken at a depth of 1683.55 m. The sample is dated at approximately 20,000 years old, from the last glacial maximum. Size 8.25" X 11.75".



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