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Commissioned for Emergencias, the world premiere of The European Union's 2012 Capital of Culture art exhibition, Voltar is one of a series of three ice-cloning projects the artist has designed to clone fragments of ancient ice-core samples ...
  001voltar_archive_2012.JPG   003voltar_archive_2012.JPG   004voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  005voltar_archive_2012.JPG   006voltar_archive_2012.JPG   007voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  008voltar_archive_2012.JPG   009voltar_archive_2012.JPG   011voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  012voltar_archive_2012.JPG   013voltar_archive_2012.JPG   014voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  015voltar_archive_2012.JPG   016voltar_archive_2012.JPG   019voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  020voltar_archive_2012.JPG   021voltar_archive_2012.JPG   022voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  023voltar_archive_2012.JPG   024voltar_archive_2012.JPG   025voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  026voltar_archive_2012.JPG   029voltar_archive_2012.JPG   031voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  033voltar_archive_2012.JPG   034voltar_archive_2012.JPG   036voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  037voltar_archive_2012.JPG   038voltar_archive_2012.JPG   039voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  040voltar_archive_2012.JPG   041voltar_archive_2012.JPG   042voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  043voltar_archive_2012.JPG   044voltar_archive_2012.JPG   045voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  046voltar_archive_2012.JPG   048voltar_archive_2012.JPG   049voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  050voltar_archive_2012.JPG   051voltar_archive_2012.JPG   052voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  053voltar_archive_2012.JPG   079voltar_archive_2012.JPG   082voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  083voltar_archive_2012.JPG   084voltar_archive_2012.JPG   085voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  086voltar_archive_2012.JPG   087voltar_archive_2012.JPG   088voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  089voltar_archive_2012.JPG   090voltar_archive_2012.JPG   092voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  152voltar_archive_2012.JPG   153voltar_archive_2012.JPG   154voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  155voltar_archive_2012.JPG   156voltar_archive_2012.JPG   158voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  161voltar_archive_2012.JPG   163voltar_archive_2012.JPG   164voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  165voltar_archive_2012.JPG   166voltar_archive_2012.JPG   167voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  168voltar_archive_2012.JPG   169voltar_archive_2012.JPG   170voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  171voltar_archive_2012.JPG   172voltar_archive_2012.JPG   173voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  174voltar_archive_2012.JPG   175voltar_archive_2012.JPG   176voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  177voltar_archive_2012.JPG   240voltar_archive_2012.JPG   241voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  242voltar_archive_2012.JPG   243voltar_archive_2012.JPG   244voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  245voltar_archive_2012.JPG   246voltar_archive_2012.JPG   247voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  248voltar_archive_2012.JPG   250voltar_archive_2012.JPG   251voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  252voltar_archive_2012.JPG   253voltar_archive_2012.JPG   254voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  255voltar_archive_2012.JPG   258voltar_archive_2012.JPG   259voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  260voltar_archive_2012.JPG   289voltar_archive_2012.JPG   290voltar_archive_2012.JPG
  291voltar_archive_2012.JPG   292voltar_archive_2012.JPG   293voltar_archive_2012.JPG
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Radiant Arc
Commissioned by the University of Alaska Museum of the North for the 2014 Arctic Winter Games, Radiant Arc is a new, interactive environmental art installation designed to clone ancient ice-core samples taken from North American glaciers ...
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Created for the 2004 art exhibition "Hyper-Runt", the Altamira project is a neuro-prosthetic that triggers electrophosphenes by subcutaneous stimulation of the retina with radio waves recorded from pulsar's at the edge of the Universe ...
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Chimera Obscura
Commissioned for The Henry Art Gallery and the Berkeley Art Museum 2001-2003, Genesis | Contemporary Art Explores Human Genomics. Chimera Obscura examines the historical anxieties and eugenic fantasies of genomic research ...
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Receiving a 2003 Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship Award, and the University of California's Hellman Award for Research Distinction, Eon uses the mysterious phenomenon of sonoluminescence - the process by which sound in liquid can be converted directly into light ...
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Secret Agents
"Secret Agents" was a collaborative, commissioned networked e-opera for Arizona State University's, Institute for Studies in the Arts, as part of the International Digital Secrets Conference, 2001. The project was concerned with the creation of a cyborgic virtual being ...
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Liquiesence was commissioned for the first American Design Triennial. The Triennial presents a critical review of leading developments and emerging figures - shaping current discourses in American architecture, media and design. ...
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Project under construction ...
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Alchymeia is a nanotechnology and bioengineering public artwork commissioned for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Naturally occurring metabolite steroids are harvested from the blood and urine of Olympic athletes ...
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Instruments of Material Poetry
Instruments of Material Poetry was first designed and conceived for the Mitsukoshi Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 1992. Subsequent installations have been shown at SOLART Interactive, The Kunsthochschule fur Medien, Koln,1994 ...
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Celestial Vaulting
Funded by The Michigan Council for the Arts, Celestial Vaulting was originally created for a two person exhibition with Yoko Ono at the Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum and world premiere of MECHANIKA at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, ...
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Aurora was commissioned as a permanent light installation for Sayer Fine Art LLC, New York, NY, 1988. Inspired by the colorful ice crystals created for the original Aqua Echo exhibition held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...
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Sky Chasm
Sky Chasm, created by Shawn Brixey in collaboration with the Laura Knott Dance Company was a site-specific installation performance designed for Documenta 8, Kassel, Germany 1987. The project was commissioned by Documenta GMBH ...
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Aqua Echo
Aqua Echo, was an installation and performance series commissioned by, The Massachusetts Council for the Arts and Humanities. Performed at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1987 ...
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Photon Voice
Photon Voice was a site-specific environmental art installation funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, 1986. Part of the large scale collaborative Inter-Arts project Desert Sun, Desert Moon, with artists Otto Piene, Elizabeth Goldring, and Lowry Burgess ...
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