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2004 Altamira

Project Description

Created for the 2004 art exhibition "Hyper-Runt" at Philadelphia's landmark National Products Building, the Altamira project is a neuro-prosthetic that triggers electrophosphenes by subcutaneous stimulation of the retina with radio waves recorded from pulsar's at the edge of the Universe. The project provides a daring method for exploring the deep poetry encoded in celestial objects, creating a cosmologically scaled experimental work of art in the "mind's eye" of the viewer. The exhibition included leading artists in the field, Ken Goldberg,  Natalie Jeremijenko, Mark Napier, and was curated by renowned artist and 2005 Rankin Distinguished Lecturer at Drexel University, Ebon Fisher.


Video Description

Altamira cannot be documented in a traditional sense. The video is an accurate computer model of the visual phenomena generated in the mind's eye of the viewer during the experience.



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